Salts for Shower & Bath PROTECTION

Salts for Shower & Bath PROTECTION
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Salts for Shower & Bath PROTECTION
Lily, Apple and Cinnamon
Against bad Energies and negative Influences

Lily, Apple and Cinnamon Salts MAGIC BATH® are a great PROTECTION against bad energies. They balance your mind and spirit, and have a calming power on anxiety, agitation and fears. They provide harmony and help clarifying your mind in the most difficult or confusing situations.

IN YOUR SHOWER: Wet your body. Use the Salts as body-scrub product. After using the salts, wet your body again.

IN YOUR BATH: Pour some contents of the sachet into your bath. Light a candle. Allow yourself to relax in this calming bath.

Feel inside yourself the capacity to attract everything positive for your life. Remember: When we align with the great order of the universe, we are allowed to receive everything that is destined to us.

Finishing your bath, step out and gently dab a towel on your body. This ritual should be repeated as often as necessary.

Ingredients: Sea Salt (sodium chloride), Apples, Cinnamon, Hibiscus, Marigold. Lily fragrance (100% pure), yellow Clay. Not for consumption. Quantity: 100 gr./3.5oz.


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